About Me

Salutations, I am Rod john Cayaco, I studied multiple disciplines before finally deciding on being a Video Game Developer. I started pursuing Engineering when i was in the Philippines but it was cut short due to me having to travel to Canada, where I studied to become a Physiotherapist but i wasn't happy with my profession so finally before graduating I shifted to Video Game Design and Developement at Toronto Film School in Toronto.

Why i decided to become a Game Dev? well like most it all started with gaming, to modding games, hacking games, then when the pandemic happened like everyone i have gone through rough times, and Video Games gave me the comfort and State of Mind to move on with like and keep getting better. I have gathered principles from video games like not giving up, the need to get good and chase after that achievement, well I want to impart the next generation how the videogame industry has helped me when i was going through rough times.

  • Went to Toronto Film School
  • Uses Unity and Unreal
  • Speaks C++, C#, Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS